Transformer substations

Transformer substations

Transformer substations

RGM Elettrotecnica industriale pays special attention to the clients’ needs, designing and assembling medium voltage plants for any application; in order to satisfy the client’s every need, and always complying with safety standards and applicable laws, RGM offers:

  • Complete medium/low voltage transformer substations supply and installation (concrete or metal cabin with related machinery)
  • Supply and installation of machinery, or part of it, inside existing substations
  • Applicable law compliance adaptations.

The electrical transformer substation comprises the conductors and machinery for tension transformation, as supplied by a medium tension distribution grid, to the voltage values necessary to feed low voltage lines.

Transformer substations are classified as:
– National Grid reception substations
– User substations

Transformer substations can be assembled:
– within any plant facility
– in pre-fabricated concrete cabins or metallic container-type structures.

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